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BDo logoBDO Credit Cards has given a new meaning to travel-now-pay-later. This installment facility by BDO takes it up another notch by actually giving a one month reprieve on the first payment.  In other words – you are allowed installment on travel products for 3 or 6 months at zero-percent interest, but instead of starting your payment the following month, you get start payments the following month.

It’s an excellent facility but it does raise a few questions/clarifications.  Here are some of them:

How long are the terms for zero-percent installment?  What Travel services can I purchase?  What if I wanted a customized tour?

3 or 6 months zero-percent Installment.

Aside from the published prices on BDO’s website and collaterals, you can purchase practically any travel offer quoted by their travel agencies.

To get a quote, you can make an inquiry with BDO on their website or through customer service.  If you want to go straight to the agency, try CNM Travel & Tours.

Can I get a discount with BDO’s travel industry merchant if I pay in cash?


How Does the One-Month Reprieve Work?  

The reprieve means that you will start paying 1 month after you make your purchase.  If you make a purchase on July for a 6-month zero-percent installment, you will start the first month payment on August.

For those who know their ‘cut-off’ and would like a 2-month reprieve on their payments instead of one, you can make the actual purchase a day before your cut-off for the month.  Doing this will allow you an extra month before they make their first payment.  So if you make a purchase the day before the cut-off in July, you will start the your first payment for your purchase on September instead of August.

How long is BDO’s Travel now pay later offer?

The 6-month installment has been available for years now and will continue to be available for years to come.

The reprieve option will be made available up to the end of 2014 – for sure.

Do I have to go to travel agency to make a purchase?  

Most of the travel agencies do not have the facility to swipe your BDO credit remotely (without having to go to their office).  However, one of their long-standing merchant, CNM Travel & Tours, has this facility.

Is it safe to purchase over the phone?  

Please read on the blog topics on fraud.


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